Marcel Worms-Graupner meets Bach
Graupner meets Bach Marcel Worms
Ksenia Kouzmenko-La présence lointaine
La présence lointaine Ksenia Kouzmenko
Martin Oei-Worlds of Liszt
Worlds of Liszt Martin Oei
Vertoon-Akh, nit gut!
Akh, nit gut! Vertoon
Maurice Lammerts van Bueren-57 Mazurki
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Beynon & West-Masterpieces for flute & piano (Paloma2)
Masterpieces for flute & piano (Paloma2) Beynon & West
Geoffrey Madge-Diabelli Variations
Diabelli Variations Geoffrey Madge
Erard Ensemble-Stolen Schubert
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Jeroen de Groot -Pure Live II
Pure Live II Jeroen de Groot
Marcel Worms- Wohltemperierte Klavier book II - 2CD
Wohltemperierte Klavier book II - 2CD Marcel Worms
Francesco Di Fiore-Family Album
Family Album Francesco Di Fiore
Geoffrey Madge-The Art Of Fugue
The Art Of Fugue Geoffrey Madge
Beynon & West-Masterpieces for flute & piano (Paloma)
Masterpieces for flute & piano (Paloma) Beynon & West
Keti Sharumashvili & Jeroen Dupont-Ne m'oubliez pas
Ne m'oubliez pas Keti Sharumashvili & Jeroen Dupont
Knuijt & Dellebeke-Another koek
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Maurice Lammerts van Bueren-The Mazurki Project
The Mazurki Project Maurice Lammerts van Bueren
Mike Fentross-Semper Dowland
Semper Dowland Mike Fentross
Palmizio & Van Poucke-Bach & Brahms
Bach & Brahms Palmizio & Van Poucke
Tegelmann - Fentross - Ornstein-Laula!
Laula! Tegelmann - Fentross - Ornstein
Ellen Valkenburg & Maurice Lammerts van Bueren-Les Apaches
Les Apaches Ellen Valkenburg & Maurice Lammerts van Bueren
Jørgensen, Bystrova, Medecigo-Air Electrique
Air Electrique Jørgensen, Bystrova, Medecigo
La Sfera Armoniosa-Stelle Lucenti
Stelle Lucenti La Sfera Armoniosa
Marcel Worms-Wohltemperierte Klavier book I - 2 CD
Wohltemperierte Klavier book I - 2 CD Marcel Worms
Brunsvik String Trio-Beethoven Complete String Trios
Beethoven Complete String Trios Brunsvik String Trio
Marcel Worms-Jewish composers 1922-1943
Jewish composers 1922-1943 Marcel Worms
Geoffrey Madge-Goldberg Variations
Goldberg Variations Geoffrey Madge
Daan Manneke-Grote Archipel for piano
Grote Archipel for piano Daan Manneke
Francesco Di Fiore-Ore Diciotto in punto
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3x6 Preludes and Fugues Marcel Worms
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Aldona Bartnik & Maurice Lammerts van Bueren -Melancholia
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Valdimarsdottir & Worms-The Voice of the Viola
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Mike Fentross-To Dowland or not to Dowland
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Ksenia Kouzmenko-Ranges of Erard
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Feico Deutekom-Feico Solo
Feico Solo Feico Deutekom
Het Zeeuws Orkest - Mathieu van Bellen-Arnold & Britten
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Songs and Sketches-Dirk Fock
Dirk Fock Songs and Sketches
Schoch & Worms-Jazzettes
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 Wayenberg &  Oei-Chopin a deux
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Beethoven Fantasia Sonata Martin Oei
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Douwe Eisenga-The Piano Files
The Piano Files Douwe Eisenga
Douwe Eisenga-Music for Wiek
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Bram Beekman-Bach, Boëly en Beekman
Bach, Boëly en Beekman Bram Beekman
Cloud Atlas Ensemble-Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas Cloud Atlas Ensemble
Von Brucken Fock-Laag Water aan de Schelde
Laag Water aan de Schelde Von Brucken Fock
Marcel Worms-The Complete Tonadas
The Complete Tonadas Marcel Worms
Leen de Broekert-Koorkerk Middelburg
Koorkerk Middelburg Leen de Broekert
La Sfera Armoniosa-Amarilli mia bella
Amarilli mia bella La Sfera Armoniosa
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Mompou Chamber Music Marcel Worms
Marcel Worms-Musica Callada
Musica Callada Marcel Worms
Leen de Broekert-Mozart - Pianoworks
Mozart - Pianoworks Leen de Broekert
Janine Dacosta / Leen de Broekert-Piano for 4 Hands
Piano for 4 Hands Janine Dacosta / Leen de Broekert
Douwe Eisenga-Rose Road - City Lines
Rose Road - City Lines Douwe Eisenga
Douwe Eisenga-Requiem 1953
Requiem 1953 Douwe Eisenga
Bram Beekman-Alle Registers Open
Alle Registers Open Bram Beekman
La Sfera Armoniosa-Senhora del Mundo
Senhora del Mundo La Sfera Armoniosa
Leen de Broekert-Haydn Pianoworks
Haydn Pianoworks Leen de Broekert
Leen de Broekert-Schubert Pianoworks
Schubert Pianoworks Leen de Broekert
Leen de Broekert-Organ Lutherse Kerk Middelburg
Organ Lutherse Kerk Middelburg Leen de Broekert

Martin Oei- Beethoven Fantasia SonataMartin Oei- Beethoven Fantasia SonataMartin Oei- Beethoven Fantasia SonataMartin Oei- Beethoven Fantasia SonataMartin Oei- Beethoven Fantasia SonataMartin Oei- Beethoven Fantasia SonataMartin Oei- Beethoven Fantasia Sonata

Beethoven Fantasia Sonata

Martin Oei

Ludwig van Beethoven, Fantasia sonata in D (1792)
Reconstruction: Cees Nieuwenhuizen

It is interesting to know that there are many more unfinished than completed compositions of Beethoven which have been preserved. In these fragments one sees ideas for individual works. There are a large number of sketchbooks and sketches from the composer preserved which are spread over the whole world in libraries and private collections. Some sketches are no more than brief experiments or a short elaborated idea, but there are also fragments preserved which give us a nearly complete picture of a definite composition. In the so-called Kafka sketchbook, which was published in 1970 in London, a large number of manuscripts were bundled from the period 1786 until 1799: approximately 500 fragments.

Included on this CD:

Fantasiesonata in D (1792)
To make the Fantasia sonata sketch playable, Cees Nieuwenhuizen had to make well-considered decisions. The first movement is almost completed, but he had to fill in the phrasing and some dynamics by comparing the sonatas no. 13, 14 and 15 with the Fantasia Sonata. The second  movement is less elaborate; mainly the left hand was missing. Luckily the composer gave indications for the use of the left hand. The third movement was the real challenge, but Nieuwenhuizen also reconstructed this by comparing with other sonatas. This CD is the premiere of this reconstruction.

Bagatelle in a minor t. WoO 59 Für Elise
In 1822 Beethoven had plans to publish a few of his early piano works. De Nouvelles Bagatelles opus 112 was among these pieces. In the edition of Breitkopf & Härtel in 1851, this opus number was changed into the correct opus number 119. Yet there were twelve so-called bagatelles for piano, which weren’t sufficiently worked out. One of these pieces is the famous Für Elise composed in 1808 or 1810, which appeared in the well-known first version in an edition by Ludwig Nohl in 1867. This edition was later used in the supplement of Beethoven’s works by the publishers Breitkopf & Härtel which appeared in 1888.
The words Für Elise are almost unreadably written on top of the manuscript, but this piece is probably dedicated to Therese Malfatti. Because of the hard to read handwriting the name was misread. This piece should have the title Für Therese. The so-called second version of the Für Elise appeared in 1989 in a musicological edition. In this edition a lot of notes and musical notations are not clear. Cees Nieuwenhuizen compiled a practical version based on this edition and it is this version that Martin Oei has recorded.

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press quotes:

PZC Oei makes the piano sing beneath his hands. Jeanette Vergouwen

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PZC - oei makes the piano sing

KLASSIEKE ZAKEN Martin Oei is a balanced and robust piano-personality. There is more to be expected from him. Jurjen Vis

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KLASSIEKE ZAKEN - balanced and robust

NRC As a musician I have to distinguish myself. Bas van Bommel

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NRC - as a musician I have to distinguish myself

AD Oei completes Beethoven. Bram van Schaik

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AD- Oei completes Beethoven

BRABANTS DAGBLAD Beethoven uses adventurous harmonics in this early sonata. René van Peer

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BRABANTS DAGBLAD - adventurous harmonics

DE ZAKENGIDS Worldpremiere for pianist Martin Oei. Theo van Dam

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DE ZAKENGIDS - worldpremiere for Martin Oei

DE GELDERLANDER The youthful naivety of Oei fits perfectly with the turbulent character of the young Beethoven. 

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DE GELDERLANDER - youthful naivety

LUISTER The Sonata is certainly Beethoven. Jurjen Vis

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LUISTER - certainly Beethoven

AKKOORD MAGAZINE Beethoven from scratch. BdN

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Akkoord magazine - Beethoven from scratch

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