Erard Ensemble-Stolen Schubert
Stolen Schubert Erard Ensemble
Jeroen de Groot -Pure Live II
Pure Live II Jeroen de Groot
Marcel Worms- Wohltemperierte Klavier book II - 2CD
Wohltemperierte Klavier book II - 2CD Marcel Worms
Francesco Di Fiore-Family Album
Family Album Francesco Di Fiore
Geoffrey Madge-The Art Of Fugue
The Art Of Fugue Geoffrey Madge
Beynon & West-Masterpieces for flute & piano (Paloma)
Masterpieces for flute & piano (Paloma) Beynon & West
Keti Sharumashvili & Jeroen Dupont-Ne m'oubliez pas
Ne m'oubliez pas Keti Sharumashvili & Jeroen Dupont
Knuijt & Dellebeke-Another koek
Another koek Knuijt & Dellebeke
Maurice Lammerts van Bueren-The Mazurki Project
The Mazurki Project Maurice Lammerts van Bueren
Mike Fentross-Semper Dowland
Semper Dowland Mike Fentross
Palmizio & Van Poucke-Bach & Brahms
Bach & Brahms Palmizio & Van Poucke
Tegelmann - Fentross - Ornstein-Laula!
Laula! Tegelmann - Fentross - Ornstein
Ellen Valkenburg & Maurice Lammerts van Bueren-Les Apaches
Les Apaches Ellen Valkenburg & Maurice Lammerts van Bueren
JÝrgensen, Bystrova, Medecigo-Air Electrique
Air Electrique JÝrgensen, Bystrova, Medecigo
La Sfera Armoniosa-Stelle Lucenti
Stelle Lucenti La Sfera Armoniosa
Marcel Worms-Wohltemperierte Klavier book I - 2 CD
Wohltemperierte Klavier book I - 2 CD Marcel Worms
Brunsvik String Trio-Beethoven Complete String Trios
Beethoven Complete String Trios Brunsvik String Trio
Marcel Worms-Jewish composers 1922-1943
Jewish composers 1922-1943 Marcel Worms
Geoffrey Madge-Goldberg Variations
Goldberg Variations Geoffrey Madge
Daan Manneke-Grote Archipel for piano
Grote Archipel for piano Daan Manneke
Francesco Di Fiore-Ore Diciotto in punto
Ore Diciotto in punto Francesco Di Fiore
Marcel Worms-3x6 Preludes and Fugues
3x6 Preludes and Fugues Marcel Worms
Farahani & Lammerts van Bueren-WOMAN the making of
WOMAN the making of Farahani & Lammerts van Bueren
Francesco Di Fiore-Concerto Ostinato
Concerto Ostinato Francesco Di Fiore
Valdimarsdottir & Worms-The Voice of the Viola  2
The Voice of the Viola 2 Valdimarsdottir & Worms
Khcheich-Ornstein-Fentross-Ombre de Mon Amant
Ombre de Mon Amant Khcheich-Ornstein-Fentross
Aldona Bartnik & Maurice Lammerts van Bueren -Melancholia
Melancholia Aldona Bartnik & Maurice Lammerts van Bueren
Kuiper - Weyens -  Lammerts van Bueren-Revelge
Revelge Kuiper - Weyens - Lammerts van Bueren
Robert Schumann-Myrten, opus 25 & four duets
Myrten, opus 25 & four duets Robert Schumann
Valdimarsdottir & Worms-The Voice of the Viola
The Voice of the Viola Valdimarsdottir & Worms
Mike Fentross-To Dowland or not to Dowland
To Dowland or not to Dowland Mike Fentross
Ksenia Kouzmenko-Ranges of Erard
Ranges of Erard Ksenia Kouzmenko
Marcel Worms-Inspired by Chopin
Inspired by Chopin Marcel Worms
Feico Deutekom-Feico Solo
Feico Solo Feico Deutekom
Het Zeeuws Orkest - Mathieu van Bellen-Arnold & Britten
Arnold & Britten Het Zeeuws Orkest - Mathieu van Bellen
Songs and Sketches-Dirk Fock
Dirk Fock Songs and Sketches
Schoch & Worms-Jazzettes
Jazzettes Schoch & Worms
Marcel Worms-20 Years of New Blues for Piano
20 Years of New Blues for Piano Marcel Worms
 Wayenberg &  Oei-Chopin a deux
Chopin a deux Wayenberg & Oei
Marcel Worms-Tangos for piano
Tangos for piano Marcel Worms
Johanna Bordewijk-From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart Johanna Bordewijk
K. Schippers & M. Worms-Als een nachtegaal met kiespijn
Als een nachtegaal met kiespijn K. Schippers & M. Worms
Marcel Worms - piano-Erik Satie: Works for Piano
Erik Satie: Works for Piano Marcel Worms - piano
Mike Fentross & Maarten Ornstein-Oblivion Soave
Oblivion Soave Mike Fentross & Maarten Ornstein
Marcel Worms-Peteris Vasks - The Seasons
Peteris Vasks - The Seasons Marcel Worms
Francesco Di Fiore-Pianosequenza
Pianosequenza Francesco Di Fiore
Schoch & Worms-Arvo Pärt
Arvo Pärt Schoch & Worms
Nihad Hrustanbegovic-The Four Seasons - Vivaldi
The Four Seasons - Vivaldi Nihad Hrustanbegovic
Marcel Worms - piano-Danzas Caribenas
Danzas Caribenas Marcel Worms - piano
Mathieu van Bellen-Bach-Blaha-Bartok
Bach-Blaha-Bartok Mathieu van Bellen
kamermuziek-Jacques Goudappel
Jacques Goudappel kamermuziek
Schoch & Worms-Baltic Souls - Jan Brokken
Baltic Souls - Jan Brokken Schoch & Worms
La Violetta-Paulina van Laarhoven-Pulchra es
Pulchra es La Violetta-Paulina van Laarhoven
Marcel Worms- Brazilian Dances for Piano
Brazilian Dances for Piano Marcel Worms
Martin Oei-Beethoven  & Mozart on fortepiano
Beethoven & Mozart on fortepiano Martin Oei
Martin Oei- Beethoven Fantasia Sonata
Beethoven Fantasia Sonata Martin Oei
Marcel Worms-Bach Glass Worms
Bach Glass Worms Marcel Worms
La Violetta - Paulina van Laarhoven-Io son ferito
Io son ferito La Violetta - Paulina van Laarhoven
Steven Devine-Bustijn IX Suittes pour le Clavessin
Bustijn IX Suittes pour le Clavessin Steven Devine
Sandra en Jeroen van Veen-Canto Ostinato
Canto Ostinato Sandra en Jeroen van Veen
Douwe Eisenga-House of Mirrors
House of Mirrors Douwe Eisenga
Leen de Broekert-Franz Liszt pianoworks
Franz Liszt pianoworks Leen de Broekert
MelopoŽia, Apollo & Pan-Slaughter and Sacrifice
Slaughter and Sacrifice MelopoŽia, Apollo & Pan
Marcel Worms-Made in Holland
Made in Holland Marcel Worms
Marcel Worms-Blues Beyond Borders
Blues Beyond Borders Marcel Worms
Leen de Broekert-Historical Organs in Zeeland
Historical Organs in Zeeland Leen de Broekert
Clazz Ensemble-Delta Suite
Delta Suite Clazz Ensemble
Marcel Worms-Mompou Unpublished
Mompou Unpublished Marcel Worms
Douwe Eisenga-The Piano Files
The Piano Files Douwe Eisenga
Douwe Eisenga-Music for Wiek
Music for Wiek Douwe Eisenga
Bram Beekman-Bach, BoŽly en Beekman
Bach, BoŽly en Beekman Bram Beekman
Cloud Atlas Ensemble-Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas Cloud Atlas Ensemble
Von Brucken Fock-Laag Water aan de Schelde
Laag Water aan de Schelde Von Brucken Fock
Marcel Worms-The Complete Tonadas
The Complete Tonadas Marcel Worms
Leen de Broekert-Koorkerk Middelburg
Koorkerk Middelburg Leen de Broekert
La Sfera Armoniosa-Amarilli mia bella
Amarilli mia bella La Sfera Armoniosa
Marcel Worms-Mompou Chamber Music
Mompou Chamber Music Marcel Worms
Marcel Worms-Musica Callada
Musica Callada Marcel Worms
Leen de Broekert-Mozart - Pianoworks
Mozart - Pianoworks Leen de Broekert
Janine Dacosta / Leen de Broekert-Piano for 4 Hands
Piano for 4 Hands Janine Dacosta / Leen de Broekert
Douwe Eisenga-Rose Road - City Lines
Rose Road - City Lines Douwe Eisenga
Douwe Eisenga-Requiem 1953
Requiem 1953 Douwe Eisenga
Bram Beekman-Alle Registers Open
Alle Registers Open Bram Beekman
La Sfera Armoniosa-Senhora del Mundo
Senhora del Mundo La Sfera Armoniosa
Leen de Broekert-Haydn Pianoworks
Haydn Pianoworks Leen de Broekert
Leen de Broekert-Schubert Pianoworks
Schubert Pianoworks Leen de Broekert
Leen de Broekert-Organ Lutherse Kerk Middelburg
Organ Lutherse Kerk Middelburg Leen de Broekert

Marcel Worms-Mompou UnpublishedMarcel Worms-Mompou UnpublishedMarcel Worms-Mompou UnpublishedMarcel Worms-Mompou UnpublishedMarcel Worms-Mompou UnpublishedMarcel Worms-Mompou UnpublishedMarcel Worms-Mompou Unpublished

Mompou Unpublished

Marcel Worms

For the first time on cd!!! Pianist Marcel Worms plays the only recently discovered pianoworks by the Spanish composer Federico Mompou. The mostly short pieces are of exceptional quality, inspiring and extremely attractive performed.

Federico Mompou was born in Barcelona. In 1909, barely 16 years old, he moved to Paris to study piano, attracted by the music he had heard Gabriel Fauré and Marguerite Long perform in Barcelona. The fact that Mompou started to compose during his years in Paris is probably explained by his shy nature – on inspection he flinched from a career as a concert pianist.

In 20th century music, Mompou has his own unique place. His work – very personal, recognizable and above all, of strikingly consistent quality – was created in the margins of musical history. He didn’t have any real predecessors and even fewer followers. In that sense he can be compared to Janácek and Poulenc, whose music repeatedly resembles his work. There are also influences of Fauré and even Skrjabin. Although Mompou was sometimes called ‘the Spanish Satie’, this comparison is limited to the compact and transparent style and the individuality of both. The notes that Mompou would write on scores of especially his early work usually lack the wit of his French colleague.

While in Paris, Mompou became well acquainted with the members of Groupe des Six. For this group, as well as for Mompou, clarity and simplicity played an important role in music. Mompou advocated ‘music from the heart and for the heart, not music from the head for the head. Domestic music. Everyday music…’. Music for Mompou was the result of pure inspiration and not of a system – a concept shared by his friend Poulenc.

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press quotes:

LUISTER A scoop of the first order. Like Satie and Poulenc is Mompou pick of the basket. Siebe Riedstra

read the full rewiew (Dutch)

LUISTER - valuable asset, excellent recording

PLATOMANIA The mostly short pieces are of exceptional quality, inspiring and extremely attractive performed by Marcel Worms.

read the full revieuw (Dutch)

PLATOMANIA - exceptional quality

KLASSIEKE ZAKEN Worm's warm toucher and smooth phrasing make Mompous modest music to a meaningful listening experience. Joep Christenhusz

read the full review (Dutch)

KLASSIEKE ZAKEN - captivating music from high level

PAROOL Marcel Worms has recorded a CD with a selection from the unpublished work. They are almost all equally beautiful. Worms plays the music with much love. Recommended. Erik Voermans

read the full review (Dutch)

PAROOL - recommended

PIANOWERELD Most pieces are no longer than two minutes, but what a gems. The performance by Marcel Worms is exemplary. Highly recommended. Erik Fokke

read the full review (Dutch)

PIANOWERELD - highly recommended

NRC After Mompou's death his widow found three files with unpublished compositions, especially for piano solo. Marcel Worms recorded this high quality pieces for cd. He's playing them with picturesque sound and inspiring intimacy. Wenneke Savenije

read the full review (Dutch)

NRC - picturesque sounds, inspiring intimacy

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 1Preludi 1913
2CamŪ del jardŪ
3Primeres hores del mati
5Treball i records dintre la mina
6Tetornant del treball
7Les amigues retornen del camp
8Dansa del poble
9El repÚs dins del temple
11Pastoral a la boira
12Barri de platja
13CamŪ de muntanya
14Boceto para Jeunes filles au jardin
15Records de platja
16Arabesque I
17Arabesque II
18Canců I: La de les campanes
19Canců I: La del pastor
20Dansa dels tres reis que han caigut del camel
 21Ball pla
 22El pont de MontjuÔc
23Sis variacions sobre un tema popular
24Glossa sobre Au clair de la lune
25Canco y dansa del pessebre
26Les hores
27Dansa de la noia que salta a la corda vora el riu
28Festa trista
30L'Ermitag de Garriga
31Les fabriques prop de la platja
32Des chansons
33Camins de sorra
36Temps de Blues