Marcel Worms-20 Years of New Blues for Piano
20 Years of New Blues for Piano Marcel Worms
 Wayenberg &  Oei-Chopin à deux
Chopin à deux Wayenberg & Oei
Marcel Worms-Tangos for piano
Tangos for piano Marcel Worms
Johanna Bordewijk-From the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart Johanna Bordewijk
K. Schippers & M. Worms-Als een nachtegaal met kiespijn
Als een nachtegaal met kiespijn K. Schippers & M. Worms
Marcel Worms - piano-Erik Satie: Works for Piano
Erik Satie: Works for Piano Marcel Worms - piano
Mike Fentross & Maarten Ornstein-Oblivion Soave
Oblivion Soave Mike Fentross & Maarten Ornstein
Marcel Worms-Peteris Vasks - The Seasons
Peteris Vasks - The Seasons Marcel Worms
Francesco Di Fiore-Pianosequenza
Pianosequenza Francesco Di Fiore
Schoch & Worms-Arvo Pärt
Arvo Pärt Schoch & Worms
Nihad Hrustanbegovic-The Four Seasons - Vivaldi
The Four Seasons - Vivaldi Nihad Hrustanbegovic
Marcel Worms - piano-Danzas Caribenas
Danzas Caribenas Marcel Worms - piano
Mathieu van Bellen-Bach-Blaha-Bartok
Bach-Blaha-Bartok Mathieu van Bellen
kamermuziek-Jacques Goudappel
Jacques Goudappel kamermuziek
Schoch & Worms-Baltic Souls - Jan Brokken
Baltic Souls - Jan Brokken Schoch & Worms
La Violetta-Paulina van Laarhoven-Pulchra es
Pulchra es La Violetta-Paulina van Laarhoven
Marcel Worms- Brazilian Dances for Piano
Brazilian Dances for Piano Marcel Worms
Martin Oei-Beethoven  & Mozart on fortepiano
Beethoven & Mozart on fortepiano Martin Oei
Martin Oei- Beethoven Fantasia Sonata
Beethoven Fantasia Sonata Martin Oei
Marcel Worms-Bach Glass Worms
Bach Glass Worms Marcel Worms
La Violetta - Paulina van Laarhoven-Io son ferito
Io son ferito La Violetta - Paulina van Laarhoven
Steven Devine-Bustijn IX Suittes pour le Clavessin
Bustijn IX Suittes pour le Clavessin Steven Devine
Sandra en Jeroen van Veen-Canto Ostinato
Canto Ostinato Sandra en Jeroen van Veen
Douwe Eisenga-House of Mirrors
House of Mirrors Douwe Eisenga
Leen de Broekert-Franz Liszt pianoworks
Franz Liszt pianoworks Leen de Broekert
Melopoëia, Apollo & Pan-Slaughter and Sacrifice
Slaughter and Sacrifice Melopoëia, Apollo & Pan
Marcel Worms-Made in Holland
Made in Holland Marcel Worms
Marcel Worms-Blues Beyond Borders
Blues Beyond Borders Marcel Worms
Leen de Broekert-Historical Organs in Zeeland
Historical Organs in Zeeland Leen de Broekert
Clazz Ensemble-Delta Suite
Delta Suite Clazz Ensemble
Marcel Worms-Mompou Unpublished
Mompou Unpublished Marcel Worms
Douwe Eisenga-The Piano Files
The Piano Files Douwe Eisenga
Douwe Eisenga-Music for Wiek
Music for Wiek Douwe Eisenga
Bram Beekman-Bach, Boëly en Beekman
Bach, Boëly en Beekman Bram Beekman
Cloud Atlas Ensemble-Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas Cloud Atlas Ensemble
Von Brucken Fock-Laag Water aan de Schelde
Laag Water aan de Schelde Von Brucken Fock
Marcel Worms-The Complete Tonadas
The Complete Tonadas Marcel Worms
Leen de Broekert-Koorkerk Middelburg
Koorkerk Middelburg Leen de Broekert
La Sfera Armoniosa-Amarilli mia bella
Amarilli mia bella La Sfera Armoniosa
Marcel Worms-Mompou Chamber Music
Mompou Chamber Music Marcel Worms
Marcel Worms-Musica Callada
Musica Callada Marcel Worms
Leen de Broekert-Mozart - Pianoworks
Mozart - Pianoworks Leen de Broekert
Janine Dacosta / Leen de Broekert-Piano for 4 Hands
Piano for 4 Hands Janine Dacosta / Leen de Broekert
Douwe Eisenga-Rose Road - City Lines
Rose Road - City Lines Douwe Eisenga
Douwe Eisenga-Requiem 1953
Requiem 1953 Douwe Eisenga
Bram Beekman-Alle Registers Open
Alle Registers Open Bram Beekman
La Sfera Armoniosa-Senhora del Mundo
Senhora del Mundo La Sfera Armoniosa
Leen de Broekert-Haydn Pianoworks
Haydn Pianoworks Leen de Broekert
Leen de Broekert-Schubert Pianoworks
Schubert Pianoworks Leen de Broekert
Leen de Broekert-Organ Lutherse Kerk Middelburg
Organ Lutherse Kerk Middelburg Leen de Broekert

Bram Beekman-Bach, Boëly en BeekmanBram Beekman-Bach, Boëly en BeekmanBram Beekman-Bach, Boëly en BeekmanBram Beekman-Bach, Boëly en Beekman

Bach, Boëly en Beekman

Bram Beekman

This CD is recorded on the famous De Rijckere organ in the Oostkerk at Middelburg. Bach-specialist Bram Beekman naturally plays compositions of Bach and �other highlights of organ literature. Examples are the Scherzo of the 4th Symphony of Widor and Allein Gott in der H�h sei Ehr of Sweelinck. The organ on which this CD is recorded is musically unique. It�s an instrument with a Dutch character in capacity and clarity, but the flutes sound Flemish. 

 Bram Beekman
Bram Beekman is one of the most known organ players in the Netherlands and a very wanted musician in The Netherlands and in foreign countries. He is the organ player of the Oostkerk in Middelburg and teacher at the Brabant Conservatory. At this conservatory he studied with Louis Toebosch and obtained his soloist diploma. In Vienna he continued his studies on the organ with Anton Heiller. In 1975 he obtained the Prix d�Excellence and he was winner of organ contests in Bruges (1973) and Bologna (1975). �Apart from giving many concerts, Bram Beekman performs regularly on radio and television. For the broadcasting station Omroep Zeeland Televisie, he made the successful series Alle Registers Open, where he tells about and plays different organs in Zeeland.

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KLASSIEKE ZAKEN Extreme perfection and intense musicality, they belong to the organist Bram Beekman. Aad Alblas

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KLASSIEKE ZAKEN - extreme perfection

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 1A.Boëly-Fantasie et Fuge
2Ch.M. Widor-Symphonie IV: Andante cantabile
3Ch.M. Widor-Symphonie IV: Scherzo
4F. Couperin-Mess pour la Paroisses: Tierce en Taille
5F. Couperin-Mess pour la Paroisses: Duo sur les Taille
 6G. Böhm-Praeludium und Fuge C-dur
7G. Böhm-Vater unser im Himmelreich
8J.S. Bach-Leipziger Choräle: Trio super Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr
9J.S. Bach-Leipziger Choräle: Nun danket alle Gott
 10J.S. Bach-Leipziger Choräle: Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele
11J.P. Sweelinck-Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr
12A. van Noordt-Psalm24
13B. Beekman-Variaties over Gezang 151
 14B. Beekman-Drie Valeriusliederen: Wilt heden nu treden
15B. Beekman-Drie Valeriusliederen: Gelukkig is het land
 16B. Beekman-Drie Valeriusliederen: Komt nu met zang van zoete tonen